AMBERIF SPRING 2022 competitions are settled!


AMBERIF SPRING 2022, the International Fair of Amber and Jewellery, continues in Gdańsk until Thursday. More than 200 companies represented by 500 exhibitors from all over the world are taking part in the 29th edition of the world’s largest amber promotion event. The fair features an art and science programme, conferences and exhibitions. The announcement of the Amberif Design Award (ADA) and Amberif Selection results is an important item on Amberif’s agenda. The award ceremony in the two design competitions took place at Artus Court, Gdańsk, on Wednesday night.

The AMBERIF DESIGN AWARD, the International Amber Jewellery Design Competition, is one of the most important original art jewellery awards. Its aim is to promote amber as a source of artistic expression. ADA’s curator, Barbara Schmidt of the Academy for Design, Munich, chose Amber as a Prize for this year’s theme of the Award. The entries featured amber as a material for jewellery interventions so that the interaction between creating, wearing and viewing became a source of synergistic satisfaction for all the participants in this process. We all deserve a reward: remarkable jewellery made of a remarkable material!

In the competition, the judges representing academia and design institutions from the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Japan and Poland selected the entries for the exhibition and awarded prizes.

The jury assessed 202 entries submitted by 160 artists from 32 countries. The Main Prize, PLN10,000 sponsored by the Mayor of Gdańsk Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, was awarded to the Milan-based artist Emma Carrau Bueno for her Amber Drops Pattern Necklace. In the judges’ opinion, the Amber Drops Pattern Necklace shows how a piece of jewellery can change its face and character depending on how you hold it, wear on what occasion or under what kind of light. Two worlds intersect, fabric and jewellery, to form a piece that builds an unexpected fluidity drop by drop.

The Silver Prize, 1 kilogram of silver sponsored by the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co., was awarded to Tadeusz Jaśkowiak of Poland for his Medal, with the Amber Prize, 1 kilogram of amber sponsored by the International Amber Association, going to Alberto Dávila of Mexico for his work Still Here.

The judges decided to award an honorary mention to Inna Monastyrna, Israel, for Amber City.

The unique features of Baltic amber and the mastery of amber artists are also promoted in the AMBERIF SELECTION Award, which has been part of Amberif since 1995, previously known as the Mercurius Gedanensis Award. The competition is curated by the diamond expert and gemmologist Stanisław Krzysztof Jacobson, with the judges: Dariusz Latoszek, representative of Poland’s Ministry of Development; Emilia Kohut, jewellery designer, graduate of the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts; Ryszard Węsierski, jewellery designer, winner of the 2021 Grand Prix; and Anna Sado, editor-in-chief of

The Amberif Selection GRAND PRIX and the statuette from Poland’s Minister of Development and Technology went to S&A Spółka Akcyjna for Sounds of Amber, twin pendants made of natural Baltic amber, evocative of nature and its sounds, by Piotr Frankowski. The judges praised the striking design which made use of the natural beauty of amber in a geometrised form, accented with a simple decorative highlight. The prize-winning entry will also become a global advertising showpiece for Amberif Spring in 2023.

The honourable mention went to S&A Spółka Akcyjna for the Awakening ring by Cyprian Chorociej, with amber in a satin finish setting, ornamented with a strip of cubic zirconia. The MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co.’s prize was awarded to Ireneusz Glaza’s Chilli for The Fountain Pen.

The first two days of Amberif were reserved for trade visitors and buyers. In that period, ERGO ARENA had a footfall of ca. 1,500. Thursday is the General Public Day so that individuals can also make their purchases. See you at the sports and entertainment hall situated on the Gdańsk and Sopot city border, from 10:00 to 16:00. Admission charge applies, for details please go to:

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