28th International Fair of Amber and Jewellery

AMBERIF VIRTUAL SHOWROOM, for the first time in Poland held fully online, is a wrap. Close to 200 buyers from 34 countries and 43 exhibitors from Poland and Lithuania met on the last weekend of June (24–26 June 2021) on a digital platform designed specially to enable the presentation of new collections and hold matchmaking meetings. There were 473 products on the virtual platform, displayed 3,521 times by logged-in buyers; in the week of the event, 21-27 June 2021, the Amberif Virtual Showroom website was visited 1,606 times. The statistics seem satisfactory, although what seems more important for the future is the growing satisfaction of commercial partners, who will be using the solution we have provided more and more often and more boldly, aware of its growing importance.

In addition to maintaining the continuity of business contacts, the most important objective of the digital platform was to implement an advanced IT solution that will accompany the future editions of AMBERIF held in the traditional format. The inevitable hybridisation of many exhibition events has also allowed everyone in the jewellery industry to enter the world of e-commerce and us to supplement the offer of the AMBERIF International Fair of Amber and Jewellery with a digital, interactive module, available to both buyers and exhibitors all year round. The organisers hope that the project will be eagerly used to expand the physical presence at the fair not only in the pandemic circumstances but also in the future, by systematically building interest in Polish design, amber and the products from jewellery companies in more and more distant corners of the world.

As always, AMBERIF was enriched with the results of two remarkably important design competitions. The first one is the international AMBERIF DESIGN AWARD with this year’s theme of skarb / treasure / Schatz / bijou, which in most European languages has a double meaning: an expensive item but also a particularly close person. The virtual award ceremony took place at the AMBER EVENING, an event held at the AMBERIF TV Studio, with everyone able to watch it via a live broadcast. The honourees: Italian artist Ninfa Salerno, winner of the Mayor of Gdańsk Prize; Mylene Auquiere of Belgium, awarded with the International Amber Association’s Prize; and Sława Tchórzewska, who received the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co.’s Prize. They all contributed short video messages of thanks, also describing the sources of their amber inspirations.

The other important competition, AMBERIF SELECTION, proceeded in a somewhat more analogue manner. The jury met face-to-face, with the judges—Krzysztof Jacobson, Marcin Wesołowski, Dorota Kos and Dariusz Latoszek, a representative of Poland’s Ministry of Economic Development, Labour and Technology—assessing the prototypes of amber jewellery delivered to the organiser’s office by the exhibitors. The award ceremony was also held at the AMBER EVENING gala. A2 Jewellery became a double winner of the 2021 edition of the award, winning a statuette from the Minister of Economic Development, Labour and Technology and the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. The winning entries will become the visual hallmarks of the next AMBERIF as a global showpiece of Polish design.

For your viewing pleasure, the AMBER EVENING featured three fashion shows combined with amber jewellery,all in a digital setting. These were the designer duos in each show: AG Aleksander Gliwiński (jewellery) and Magdalena Arłukiewicz (fashion); Ireneusz Glaza–CHILLI Jewellery (jewellery) and Kovalove (fashion); Rockmädchen (fashion) and designers participating in the Trend Book project (jewellery): Tomasz Kargul, Paweł Kaczyński, Radek Szwed, Sława Tchórzewska, Dorota Cenecka and Dariusz Zarański. As a surprise background for the entire AMBER EVENING event, a live cooking show with Gdańsk and amber motifs was presented by Bogdan Gałązka, a master of culinary arts.

At the MTG Gdańsk International Fair Co., we hope that the pioneering exhibition project entitled AMBERIF VIRTUAL SHOWROOM has become an irreversible step towards a systematic digitisation of business contacts in the jewellery industry, to allow us to enter an area that in the near future will increasingly determine the ranking of companies, designers and institutions associated with the Polish creative industry.

organised by: MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. ● honorary auspices: Poland’s Ministry of Economic Development, Labour and Technology; Pomorskie Voivod; Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodship; Mayor of Gdańsk ● partners: SRJ Association of Jewellery Experts, International Amber Association, Pomeranian Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises, STFZ Goldsmithing Artists’ Association, KIGB Polish Chamber of Amber Commerce, Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts, Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport, Amber Museum