Organizational information SPRING 2022

The AMBERIF SPRING 2022 Fair will be held exceptionally in ERGO ARENA in Gdańsk, Plac Dwóch Miast 1, on the border of Gdańsk and Sopot.

Conditions for entering the Fair:

  • Exhibitor’s entry pass printed and verified by the Staff,
  • Receiving a hologram
  • Verified identity.

We would like to remind you that in accordance with the regulations (paragraph 2.1. Terms and Conditions for Provision of Exhibition Space), the condition for providing the exhibition space to exhibitors is the payment of 100% of the order value resulting from the application submitted and confirmed by MTG.



All exhibitors are served at the Fairs’ Reception – Foyer in hall A1.

Entrance for exhibitors on the setup day – entrance C1– at the back of the hall, from parking P0 / P1.


EXHIBITOR ENTRY PASSES must be printed from the system before arrival at the fair by the exhibitor (avaiable in the system after paying 100 % of order value).

The Fairs’ Reception Desk does not issue any entry passes.

All the entry passes must be verified and marked with the hologram at the Fairs’ Reception – Foyer in hall A1 on:

21.02.2022 16:00-22:00
22.03.2022 08:00-10:00.



Parking P0 / P1 – the exhibitors print the parking cards from the system in a ordered amount before arriving at the Fair. The reception does not issue any parking cards P0 / P1. Parking cards must be verified and provided with a hologram – at the reception desk at the Fair on:

21.03.2022 – 16: 00-22: 00
22.03.2022 – 8:00-11.00.

During the fair days on March 22-24, 2022 parking will be possible only on the basis of cards with a hologram!

Parking P2 – exhibitors collect the ordered parking cards at the Fairs’ Reception – Foyer in hall A1 on the setup day. The entrance to the gate on 21.03.2022 for the purpose of unloading will be possible based on the Exhibitor Entry Passes

It is not possible to buy additional parking cards on the Fair. Exhibitors, who have not purchased parking cards, can use Parking P2 on general terms.

Please, pay special attention to having a valid parking card. MTG SA is not in charge of the car park in ERGO ARENA and it is not possible to intervene and cancel any potential fines (aprox. 240 PLN).

Important! Issues regarding the stand construction/ equipment shall be reported only at TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT OFFICE, which is located at the entrance to hall A2, next to the C1 Entrance.



21.03.2022 – from 17:00 (setup day)

  • entry through the „Entry for Exhibitors” from the traffic circle Łokietka Str. / Sopot/ – with printed entry pass only!
  • driveway under the freight gates – it is also possible to park on the P0/P1 parking in order to unload.
  • unload the exhibits behind the halls: (max. unloading time: 1,5 hrs)
    hall A1 – gates T1, T2
    hall A2 – gates T3, T4
  • for the exhibitors from the Designer’s Gallery it is possible to drive by car to entrance T5 on the outer ring of the hall, directly to the first level. This entrance will be available only on the setup day: 21.03.2022 from 17:00.
  • after the unloading is completed, move the vehicles to the car park P0/P1 or in another parking place indicated by the security agent.

22-24.03.2022 (days of the fair)

Exhibitors with parking cards use the P0 / P1 or P2 car park – depending on the purchased cards.

Exhibitors who have not purchased parking cards, use P2 car park according to the general rules of the parking – payment at the parking meter!

Visitors can use the paid P2 car park, charged in parking meters.

CASH FOR EXHIBITORS – located in the foyer of hall A1 on 21.03.2022 – PAYMENT BY CARD ONLY!

CLOAKROOM – located in the Foyer of hall A1



(applies to the stand with the stand system)

Stand setup and assembly:
21.03.2022 from 17:00 (possibility of working in the 24 /h system)

Stand dismantling:
24.03.2022 – 16:00-20:00 (in exceptional cases it is possible to individually determine the schedule and rules for dismantling the exposition).



Due to the work schedule of ERGO ARENA, we kindly ask you to dismantle the equipment of your own stands as quickly and efficiently as possible.

General dismantling activities will begin as soon as visitors leave the halls. The stands will be dismantled successively as the exhibitors leave them.

We have prepared additional transport trolleys that will be available.

If you need support for your disassembly activities, please contact us individually:

We apologize for any inconvenience caused!



(applies solely to ordered space without stand system)

Stand setup and assembly:
21.03.2022 –08:00 – 24:00
22.03.2022 – 00:00-08:00

External stand contractors must have INSTALLATION SERVICE entry passes printed on their own.

Important! The setup work can start after paying a PLN 500 deposit (as per the Terms and Conditions of Providing Exhibition Space, item 4.3).
Information on the payment of the deposit (amount, account number) can be found in the Exhibitor’s profile. A direct link to the payment will be sent to you by e-mail

The external stand contractors can use the paid parking P2, after having paid the fee in the parking meter.

Stand dismantling:
24.03.2022 w godz. 16:00 – 02:00



Availability for the exhibitors:

22:03.2022 – 08:00-18:00
23.03.2022 – 08:00-18:00
24.03.2022 – 08:00- 16:00 (from 16:00 dismantling time)



Buyers and Trade Visitors must print the entry passes before arrival at the fair.

Conditions for entering the fair:

  • Entry pass printed and verified by the staff
  • Receiving a hologram
  • Verified identity

Availability for the visitors:

22.03.2022 – 10:00-17:00
23.03.2022 – 10:00-17:00
24.03.2022 – 10:00-16:00 – general public day.



Map download (pdf)