October 26, 2023 – Thursday

2.30 – 4.00 p.m. Cycle of presentations – stage at hall A 

  1. “Trust in the Amber World: The Crucial Role of Identification Report Contents” – Michał Kosior – Founder of Amber Experts
  2. „Baltic Amber and terpens of Mediterranean Zone trees on the example of Rhodes and Cyprus Islands. Context of a research project implemented with founds from the NCBiR (National Centre for Research and Development). The concept of the Eridan River – myth and reality” – PhD Eng Piotr Barczak – President of P.H. Royal Sp. z o.o.
  3. „Pomeranian Schools of Crafts – training in the proffession of goldsmith-jeweller” – PhD Małgorzata Wokacz-Zaborowska – Director of the Pomeranian Chamber of Crafts for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  4. „National Fashion Competition Black on White. Amber Inspirations” – Jadwiga Możdżer, Theater Studio and Magdalena Arłukiewicz, Clothing Design Studio, OLPI (Secondary School of Individual Programs) and LSP (Secondary School of Fine Arts) in Gdańsk

6.00 – 10.00 p.m. AMBERIF AFTER PARTY – foyer of the Conference Center


October 27, 2023 – Friday

 12.00 – 12.30 p.m. Training:First steps on Amazon. How to start selling on European marketplaces?” – Damian Wiszowaty – Amazon sales expert and CEO Gonito Agency.

How to start selling on Amazon? How to post offers? What is worth remembering and what should definitely be avoided? Learn all about how to sell on Amazon and start preparing today.


  • Getting started on Amazon: How to register as a seler.
  • What not to do? Mistakes to avoid.
  • Preparations for starting sales in a nutshell.
  • Which European market should I choose to start selling abroad?

Exhibitions and zones (October, 26-28, 2023):

  • „Traces in time | Ślady czasu” exhibition presenting jewellery with Baltic amber by Miriam Arentz – organizer: International Amber Association – Chill-out zone – hall A
  • “The Fall of Phaeton” exhibition presenting amber jewellery by students and teachers of the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts inspired by the myth of the fall of Phaeton – organizer: The Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław – hall A, stand A.319
  • START-UP ZONE – zone for young designers – hall A
  • Exhibition of works awarded in the competition AMBERIF SELECTION – hall A
  • Exhibition of dresses from the Jagoda Komorowska “Black on White” National Fashion Competition for young designers – students of secondary – general and artistic – schools. The competition was organized by the Jacek Mydlarski Secondary School of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and the Józef Unrug Secondary School of Individual Programs in Gdańsk – hall A
  • Repair Zone – hall A, stand A.123
  • Amber polishing show – with audience participation – stand A.123



October 27, 2023, at 7.00 p.m.

Opening ceremony of the exhibition: “Cenecka 93 23. 30 years of creative work

Uphagen’s House, Długa 12 street