CHOPIN jewelry

Product description: The Chopin jewelry collection refers to the most important work of medallion art dedicated to Chopin - the work of Jean-François-Antoine Bovy. Precious metals of the highest purity were used to produce the jewelry, and manual polishing allowed the smallest details to remain clearly visible. The jewelry is made using the best jewelry techniques. CHOPIN jewelry is protected by patent No. No. 231,338 issued by the Polish Philharmonic and is the only one in the world licensed by the National Chopin Institute.
Gdańsk International Fair – AMBEREXPO
street Żaglowa 11, 80-560 Gdańsk
The organizer of the AMBERIF fair is AMBEREXPO - one of the most modern exhibition and congress facilities in Poland. We specialize in organizing local, national and international events: fairs, exhibitions, congresses, conferences, events, fairs, outdoor events.
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