AMBERIF competitions

AMBERIF Design Award

AMBERIF Design Award (ADA) is a competition whose aim is to promote Baltic amber as an interesting means of artistic expression. Each edition attracts artists from the farthest corners of the world and results in extraordinary projects that remain in the industry's memory for a long time.

AMBERIF Selection

AMBERIF Selection (formerly Mercurius Gedanensis) is a competition accompanying the fair since 1995, its second edition.

The aim of the competition is to search for the best designed and masterfully made jewelry using Baltic amber, as well as to consistently promote above-standard functional, technological and stylistic solutions. The winners are selected among AMBERIF exhibitors.

AMBERIF Selection 2024 winners

Award of the Minister of Development and Technology

Maciej Rozenberg for the "ES THEUS" ring
VERDICT: The jury found that the presented work combines two functions: a decorative sculptural form and contemporary jewelry. The innovation of the project lies in achieving a hybrid between the utilitarian function of jewelry and a sculptural object with a purely artistic expression. The sculptural form is a contrasting combination of geometric external and internal cuts with the organic and structural character of amber. Depth and light were brought out thanks to the dynamic tensions of the sculptural form. The whole with the base constitutes a complete spatial form of amber in terms of art, design, and innovative technology and approach to design and shaping.

Award of the Gdańsk International Fair

S&A for the "12 zero" kinetic pendant,
designer: Sławomir Fijałkowski,
prototype: Piotr Frankowski
VERDICT: The jury emphasizes the perfect workmanship of the necklace, which gives the user great sensory pleasure. The presented necklace combines modern form with the added function of movement and kinetics caused by haptics. Thus, it draws attention and directs the function of design towards purely sensory experiences, the temperature of matter and the value of amber in terms of its surface finish: matte and gloss. The simple, massive form combines geometry with traditional stone setting accents. The jury appreciated the skillful combination of modernity and tradition, as well as a look at the functional function through the prism of haptics and reflections on matter and the passage of time caused by the nature of the objects.


GIN ATELIER Dorota Cenecka for a set of rings
designed by: Miron Kutarba
VERDICT: The proposed rings with gold-plated wedding ring forms enable the use of various pieces of amber and allow for mass production. And at the same time for individualized aesthetics.


Chilli Ireneusz Glaza for the "Orion's ring"
VERDICT: The ring combines jewelry technology and the search for a common denominator between nature and technology.

National Goldsmiths and Jewelers Competition. Karol Kowalski "Amber Craft" 2024

"Amber Crafts" is a competition organized by the fair's partner - the Pomeranian Chamber of Crafts SME in Gdańsk.

Its aim is to present the professional skills of goldsmiths and young goldsmiths specializing in traditional and modern goldsmithing techniques. The competition was held in two age categories :
  • Juniors
  • Seniors
The competition committee awarded the following prizes and distinctions:

In the junior category - "Amber Dreams - Jewelry":
1st place - Hanna Jóźwicka for the work "The Creator's Dream"
2nd place - Maja Krynicka, for the work "Networks"
3rd place - Jagoda Kilar, for the work "

Sea Depth" Honorable mentions:
Iga Piasecka, for the work "Nightmare Bloom"
Karolina Siwiak, for the work "The Mysterious Cat in the Light of the Night"
Ignacy Głowacki, for the work "The Lost City"
Natalia Matejczyk, for the work "Jewellery Set with Flowers"
Vanessa Treppa, for work "In the moonlight"

In the senior category - "Amber Dreams - Jewelry":

1st place - Krzysztof Konrad Bondaruk, for the work "Amber Art Nouveau"
2nd place - Dominika Gawlak-Długosz, for the work "Ephemerality"
3rd place - Jakub Śliwowski, for work "Amber Dream Catcher"
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